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Meet the Innovator sharing cars to improve community cohesion
Rural car club co-founder Susan Ross is developing a community vehicle sharing framework for use across the country, after securing support and funding from Connected Places Catapult.
Meet the innovator using virtual reality to improve driver safety
Heavy goods drivers are among the beneficiaries of new safety training developed using virtual reality.
Meet the Innovator helping older people stay active
Family illness led commercial lawyer Rachel Flower to rethink her life and “do something impactful” so she developed an app to promote walking and reward active travel.
Woolwich car trial takes a hands off approach to driving
Autonomous vehicle project ServCity is nearing the end of a three year demonstration in south London, where technology provides a car with an early warning of what is much further ahead, allowing the vehicle to ‘see’ around corners. Mike Walter of Connected Places Catapult went along for a ride.
Making transport work better for disabled people
Technologies to help improve mobility for disabled people were showcased at Coventry University at the launch of a new Centre aimed at making transport more accessible. However, a change in mindsets among transport operators and policy makers may have a considerable impact.
Northern England moves forward on levelling up and breaking barriers down
Senior politicians, business leaders, students and Catapult staff rubbed shoulders at a major conference and exhibition in Manchester at the end of January which championed the Levelling Up agenda and promoted career opportunities.
Empowering residents with data-driven solutions to combat cold and damp housing
Cold and damp homes have been proven to have damaging impacts on physical and mental health, especially for the most vulnerable groups in society.
Unlocking new markets in micro-mobility
Micromobility schemes like e-scooters are changing the way we get from A to B in our cities. But they are also changing the way we think about the entire urban transport experience. Given the growing global market in urban mobility, is this just the tip of the iceberg?