Challenging Public Innovation Procurement – News and Insights

Ask pioneering place leaders why they are not harnessing the creativity and innovation procurement opportunities of the market to solve their pressing service and policy challenges and you will often get the response –“procurement policy doesn’t allow it”.

That’s why Connected Places Catapult is engaged with experts and representative bodies from across the public procurement ecosystem to challenge the myths surrounding public procurement, share pioneering practice, set out new pathways and outline best practice for the procurement of new and innovative solutions and innovation procurement by the public sector.

Learn about the project and discover resources which can help you procure innovation in our expert blogs and case studies.

Creating Connected Places: A Series of Online Courses for Innovation-driven Placemakers

Creating Connected Places is a series of online courses provided by Connected Places Catapult and available on the City X City Academy platform. These courses aim to equip international city practitioners, commissioners, and decision makers with very practical training that can be applied independently from your local context. The course aims to provide you with new concepts and ideas from some of our experts in the field of local innovation.

Transforming Public Procurement: Unleashing the Potential for Innovation

The proposals in this Green Paper are intended to shape the future of public procurement in this country for many years to come. The government’s goal is to speed up and simplify our procurement processes, place value for money at their heart, and unleash opportunities for small businesses, charities and social enterprises to innovate in public service delivery.

SME Tender Support Guide

The UK public sector spends over £284 billion buying goods and services from suppliers. It is a huge market but there’s still a misconception that only large suppliers can compete for this work. In recent years there has been a drive for public sector organisations to award contracts to SMEs, with the UK government targeting that at least £1 in every £3 should be spent this way. SMEs bring diversity and innovation to the government’s supply base. This SME Tender Support Guide is designed to provide information and help innovative businesses trade with the public sector.

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