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2023 – A Year In Review

It’s been another eventful year on the Connected Places Podcast and we’ve got a lot to look back on as 2023 draws to a close!

In this episode we revisit some of the stories we’ve featured on the show this year, and the fascinating guests we’ve been able to have on.

We hear from three companies making extraordinary strides on the use of connected digital twins to tackle real world problems; RoyalHaskoningDHV, National Grid ESO and IOTICS.

We return to Bristol Temple Meads station where the UK’s first Station Innovation Zone was launched earlier this year – how are tech entrepreneurs helping to make a Grade 1 listed station fit for purpose for 21st Century passengers?

We also meet Sir John Armitt, Chair of the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission, whose assessment of the UK’s national infrastructure hit the headlines in the autumn – how can innovation help to maximise infrastructure assets, and where are the opportunities for UK Plc?

Theme music on this episode is by Phill Ward Music (www.phillward.com)

Show notes

You can listen to the following episodes by clicking on the below links:

Digital Twin series

The power of digital twins with RoyalHaskoningDHV

The power of digital twins with National Grid ESO

The power of digital twins with IOTICS

Station Innovation Zone

Bristol Temple Meads – UK’s first Station Innovation Zone

Bristol’s Station Innovation Zone Part II – Meet the companies

National Infrastructure

Reimagining national infrastructure – with Sir John Armitt

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A full transcript of the episode including all participants is available here.