The power of digital twins with Royal HaskoningDHV

A profound shift is happening in the world of infrastructure – the digital and the physical are merging. Cue: the place-based digital twin.

Highly complex digital models which are the exact counterpart (or twin) of a physical thing. Updated with real-time information using sensors on the physical twin, and informed by data that can be mapped onto the virtual twin.

And today, advances in software, sensing and computational technology are seeing connected digital twins being adopted across whole infrastructure systems and even entire cities. We’re talking about a really significant tool for tackling some of humanities global challenges – like pandemics and climate change and sustainable urban living.

In this episode we meet the global engineering consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV), event podcast partner for the Digital Twin Hub’s inaugural Connected Digital Twins Summit, 22 June 2023 (see below for event details). RHDHV are helping their clients rise to the challenges of resiliency, sustainability, and digital transformation. One of the key technologies that is enabling this change is the place-based digital twin.

We explore how RHDHV’s digital twin services are helping Bacton Beach in Norfolk tackle coastal erosion through a hugely ambitious sandscaping project. We meet the rail startup, East West Rail that is applying digital twin technology to a new railway connecting Oxford and Cambridge. And we visit the Dutch province of Limburg where RHDHV’s AquaSuite software is using digital twin technology to improve the processing of 150m3 wastewater across a vast infrastructure network.

Featured in this episode are Lisette Heuer, Director of Business Transformation at RHDHV;  Ben Lomax Thorpe, Leading Professional – Digital Twin at RHDHV; Rob Goodliffe, Coastal Transition Manager, North Norfolk District Council; Dino Nola, Head of Digital Engineering at East West Rail; and Melchior Schenk, Sales Leader – AquaSuite, RHDHV.

Connected Digital Twins Summit – 22 June, 2023

The huge opportunity that digital twins offer place-based infrastructure is what guides the work of the Digital Twin Hub (which came out of the UK’s National Digital Twin Programme) housed at the Connected Places Catapult. It is a network that is helping to bring people together to learn from each other and collaborate on this hugely ambitious social, environment, and technical journey.

Their work is also guided by the Gemini Principles which are shaping the development of an ecosystem of connected digital twins. And they also host the weekly Gemini Call which has become a staple date in the diary for practitioners across the UK.

On 22 June 2023 the Digital Twin Hub and the Connected Places Catapult hosted the inaugural Connected Digital Twins Summit. Royal HaskoningDHV is an active supporter of the Hub and was event podcast partner for the Summit.

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Show notes

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