The power of digital twins with IOTICS

We conclude our three-part podcast series on digital twins with a conversation with Ali Nicholl, Head of Engagement at IOTICS, a data company helping innovators to better collaborate on digital transformation.
Ali and his colleagues are passionate about this. They’re impatient too!

IOTICS are on a mission to empower those dedicated to making a meaningful impact on our world. They’re providing the tools to navigate the intricate landscape of data and information, enabling companies to unlock valuable insights and share data and information better.

So in this episode we invited Ali into our studio to tell us about some of the organisations that IOTICS are working to create a greener and more sustainable future. Ali explains some of the complexities of data sharing between companies, and the importance of making sure digital twin technologies have the real-world impact when it comes to some of society’s greatest challenges. The voices in this episode are also featuring on The IOTICS Podcast, where Ali has interviewed a number of fascinating guests to showcase the growing significance of digital twins in shaping our connected future.

Featured in this episode are Elly Howe, Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator at Portsmouth International PortLouise Donaghey, Services Programmes Director at Rolls Royce; Simon Evans, Global Digital Twin Leader at Arup; Ian Gordon, Head of Data at Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal; and Rich Walker, a Data and Analytics Leader in the Government and Public sector.

Connected Digital Twins Summit – 22 June, 2023

The huge opportunity that digital twins offer place-based infrastructure is what guides the work of the Digital Twin Hub (which came out of the UK’s National Digital Twin Programme) housed at the Connected Places Catapult. It is a network that is helping to bring people together to learn from each other and collaborate on this hugely ambitious social, environment, and technical journey.

Their work is also guided by the Gemini Principles which are shaping the development of an ecosystem of connected digital twins. And they also host the weekly Gemini Call which has become a staple date in the diary for practitioners across the UK.

On 22 June 2023 the Digital Twin Hub and the Connected Places Catapult hosted the inaugural Connected Digital Twins Summit. IOTICS is an active supporter of the Hub and was a sponsor of the Summit.

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Show notes

For a list of resources about the work of IOTICS and their digital twin services, see below links.

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