The Transport Systems and Future Cities Catapults will unite to form the Connected Places Catapult.

The new Catapult, which is expected to come into being on April 1st, combines the strengths and knowledge of the former Catapults to create new opportunities, building on the innovative programme of projects around the digital built environment and the future of mobility.

The Connected Places Catapult Innovation will be led by Nicola Yates OBE who was appointed Chief Executive of the new organisation in February.

Nicola Yates said: I am delighted to be leading this exciting new Catapult. We have developed an ambitious strategy to build on the expertise of our two previous organisations by removing the boundaries that will enable us to explore more confidently new projects and areas of growth. Our new name, Connected Places, encapsulates this ambition at the intersection of urban and transport innovation.

The new Connected Places Catapult will accelerate smarter living and travelling in and between the places of tomorrow. Our focus on growing businesses with innovations in mobility services and the built environment will enable new levels of physical connectedness. We will target businesses which harness digital and next-generation telecoms to provide new, connected urban services and experiences. By prioritising companies which explore applications of neuroscience and human-centred design, we will work to boost social connectivity, interaction and inclusion.

The Connected Places Catapult Innovation will operate at the intersection between public and private sectors and between local government and transport authorities. We will convene the disparate parts of the market to help innovators navigate the complexity of doing business, creating new commercial opportunities and improving productivity, socio-economic and environmental benefits for places.

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