Built Environment

In the Built Environment domain we consider the ways that innovative and emerging technologies may be applied to the physical fabric of our towns, cities and regions. Our particular focus is on homes, offices, shops and other spaces we live, work and play in. E.g., we are investing in unlocking market opportunities for innovation in energy retrofit in the residential sector, as well as innovations which enable independent living.

In the commercial sector, we see immediate opportunities for innovations that provide contactless user experiences, as well as improve cleanness, ventilation and air quality. Accelerated by the pandemic, more adaptive, modular construction promises to create further opportunities for innovation in this domain. As we keep adapting our habits and ways of working in response to the pandemic, demand for the new design patterns is increasing to reflect changing behaviour in places of work and newly emerging forms of shared space.

Opportunities in the Built Environment domain have close ties with innovations in urban and local planning and development (which falls under the Decision Making domain), and high-footfall shared outside spaces like high streets (which we tend to include under Public Space).

To scale success for our Built Environment projects, we partner and collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of businesses and organisations within the industry. Our Built Environment network includes:

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