Connected Intelligence

The infrastructure that enables digital connectivity within and between places as well as the technology and intelligence that enables data-rich insights, modelling and analysis.

Projects, Opportunities & Case Studies

A highway populated with cars equipped with wireless communication technology, depicted by yellow arcs connecting them, showcasing a city skyline in the background.
SafeMRX aims to help facilitate advancement to Automated Vehicle (AV) deployments without a safety driver, where some or all of the responsibilities of safety drivers are transferred to automated systems.
Two autonomous delivery robots with the text "I deliver your shopping" and a website address on their sides are positioned on a sidewalk near a building.
Milton Keynes 5G Create
Using 5G technology to support a major international sporting and cultural venue.
View of the Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge over the River Tyne at dusk, with traffic lights forming trails and city lights illuminating the buildings on either side.
Case Study
Large scale agent-based modelling to support shared mobility – the DeMAND project
Travel behaviour is gradually getting more difficult to predict, hence the increased complexity of travel demand models to fit modern lifestyle, and the increased demand to include autonomy and flexibility. As a direct consequence, we can notice diverse travel patterns as well as the reduced availability of private transport for certain population groups. The “Demand […]
A drone is flying while carrying a white container labeled "Food Delivery" against a clear blue sky.
ATOMICUS drone project takes off
The safe and efficient use of cargo drones in UK airspace to transport items such as medical supplies or aircraft spare parts is a huge opportunity. But the use of commercial drones at airports alongside traditional passenger aircraft is not without its risks.
A man in a white shirt and headset monitors data on multiple screens in a control room, focusing on radar displays. Another person in the background works at a similar station.
Getting ready for the Airspace of the Future
Much is being done across the UK to integrate drone services within the wider transport ecosystem to ensure safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability.
A woman touches an illuminated digital map display at night, with colorful blurred lights in the background.
Case Study
G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance Cyber Accountability
As more and more cities embrace connectivity and technology like connected devices and IOT, the threat of serious cyber-attacks on digital infrastructure is increased.
A futuristic flying car with four large propellers, two on each side, hovers in the air against a soft gradient sky background.
Future of Air Mobility Accelerator seeks innovators
The Future of Air Mobility (FAM) Accelerator will be selecting 12 SMEs to join a 6-month programme, where they will receive support from a consortium of industry, academic and regulatory partners on the trial and testing of disruptive innovations.
Workers in safety gear stand near a large, rust-colored cylindrical pipe being lifted by a crane at an industrial site. Trees and equipment containers are visible in the background.
Case Study
UK firm UtterBerry tackling construction safety in the Philippines
Construction is the deadliest sector in the world. In the Philippines, the fatal injury rate in construction has been steadily increasing since 2011.