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Meet the innovator using virtual reality to improve driver safety
Heavy goods drivers are among the beneficiaries of new safety training developed using virtual reality.
Integrating automated vehicles into the transport system
Automated vehicles are no longer just a science fiction vision of the future; long term trials have been operating around the globe, and paid services for the general public are now available in certain locations.
Digital twins summit makes the connection
Over 900 guests joined the Connected Digital Twins Summit either in person or online to hear industry specialists discuss latest developments, new technologies and next steps.
Meet the innovator driving autonomous vehicle safety forward
Electronics expert Oliver Leisten has developed satellite-based communication systems to help unmanned aircraft stay safe in the sky. He is now turning his attention to driverless cars with the help of Connected Places Catapult.
Connected Places Magazine – Issue 2
Discover how innovation is shaping the Century of Cities, learn more about the future of housing in the UK, and get up to speed with the growing market for connected logistics.

A data-led renaissance in city twinning
Some may think that the era of ‘twin towns’ or ‘sister cities’ is over. But in our globalised innovation economy, city twinning is having a data-led renaissance – and the UK and South Korea are leading the way.
Third age of Flight Prepares for Take-Off
Since the dawn of the jet engine, our experience of flight has remained almost unchanged. Now, however, we stand on the cusp of a third revolution in aviation. Ben Griffiths, a leading UK commentator on aviation, industry and technology, and a pilot himself, casts an eye to the future.
Digital twins are finding their place
Digital twins are realistic virtual representations of physical assets, processes, and even people, generating insights and interventions which ultimately result in financial savings, improved performance and services, and greater resilience.