SBRI Concept 2


Our hypothesis is that much of the data engineering that is required to stimulate innovation around products and services for the energy sector is reusable across the sector. We believe an open data engineering toolkit (integrations, SDKs, pipelines) for the energy sector would lead to network effects in the creation of joint-up data-rich solutions towards a more flexible, resilient and sustainable energy landscape. By taking a collaborative approach, imbued with energy industry expertise, and working with best practise software and data engineering whilst ensuring usability and hence uptake of the approaches developed we could see a step-change in innovation for the energy sector.

We are looking to build an open data engineering pipeline, both guidance and tools, linked to standards where relevant, to make the workflow for sharing data as easy as possible. We envisage working with partners to discover requirements from energy sector stakeholders, and define cross-cutting best practice, learning from mature industries with advanced data sharing practices. In the first instance, we look to form a consortium to carry out a feasibility study around this concept.

Connected Places Catapult brings the following expertise:
  • Human-centric approach – service design, user research
  • Energy systems use cases
  • Product and data strategy
  • Data engineering and science proof of concepts
  • Convening and brokerage across ecosystems
  • Data access and sharing
  • Standards
We are looking for partners that can bring:
  • Production data engineering
  • Open-source software contribution
  • Open-source community building
  • Software engineering best practises