Route Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

This autonomous vehicles route planning project is being undertaken by Mauro Vallati from University of Huddersfield and focuses on Artificial Intelligence for Maximising the Exploitation of Urban Networks via Personalised AVs Route Generation.

University of Huddersfield

One of the challenges presented to urban traffic controllers is the effective utilisation of transport infrastructure in the face of the growing urbanisation, finite network capacity, and of the increasing number of road vehicles.

However, the arrival of driverless autonomous vehicles represents a unique opportunity for a fundemental change in urban mobility and more direct interventions into how traffic utilises existing infrastructure.

This project aims to help urban traffic controllers to take an active role in integrating AVs into the mobility ecosystem, in order to maximise the benefits for road users and planners.


The project uses novel applications of AI techniques to generate real-time personalised routes for Autonomous Vehicles which are navigating or approaching a controlled regional urban area.

It uses knowledge of the network and operational goals (such as improving safety, improving the environment, minimising delay and reducing congestion) to optimise urban traffic control management.

Personalised routes are generated by taking into account traffic, incidents and other relevant inputs. These are balanced against the preferences of the AV and its occupants (for instance, are you in a hurry? Do you need the arrive somewhere at a specific time?) and the other operational goals set by the traffic controller.

The result will ensure smooth-flowing traffic, reduced delays and reduced investment in increasing capacity.

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