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At Connected Places Catapult, we partner with research and development institutions to boost social and economic impact. We support universities to connect with the tech ecosystem to boost competitiveness.

We help you to understand and unlock new opportunities for commercial development of your research. Accessing our international networks means progressing your research from concept to commercialisation. 

The Connected Places Catapult is at the global forefront of place-making technology. We provide expertise in, and access to, complex issues that help research organisations and universities expand their agenda. Our international industry, government and academic networks mean that we can disseminate research far and wide progressing it from theory to implementation.

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    Our universities must connect with the tech ecosystem to remain competitive

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        We partner with research and development institutions to boost social and economic impact.

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          Our Academic Network

          Our Academic Network is the primary method of communicating with our academic stakeholders and researchers to keep you up to date about our latest news, events and opportunities. This network will create an environment for exchange of ideas, knowledge, learning and the opportunity to promote collaboration. We hope that you are interested in joining our network which already has over 260 members from 60 UK universities.

          Our academic network gives individual academics, universities, businesses and other stakeholders access to a wide range of skills and knowledge. Members of the network are added to our contact database.

          Their interests will be recorded on the national Academic Capability Map for Intelligent Mobility. We provide our members with details about forthcoming opportunities and events relevant to their research interests and focus areas.

          If you are interested in joining the Connected Places Catapult Academic Network fill in the form below.

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