Challenging Procurement – Events and Webinars

Pioneering place leaders are often not harnessing the creativity and innovation procurement opportunities of the market to solve their pressing service and policy challenges because the public procurement policy doesn’t allow it.

That’s why Connected Places Catapult is engaged with experts and representative bodies from across the public procurement sector to challenge the myths surrounding public procurement, share pioneering practice, set out new pathways and outline best practice for the procurement of new and innovative solutions and innovation procurement by the public sector.

Learn about the project and discover resources which can help you procure innovation in our webinars. If you have missed the opportunity to catch us live, you can find the recordings of our webinars below:

Challenging Procurement Series: Co-creating Innovation

During the Challenging Procurement Series: Co-creating Innovation webinar you will hear leading case studies, best practices, and learn why citizen co-projects are often cited as a powerful mechanism by innovative public sector organisations, where citizens can identify their own unmet needs and propose solutions.

Transforming Public Procurement – Does the Green Paper Unleash the Full Potential for Innovation – Webinar
Challenging Procurement Series: Integrating wider social value into commissioning and procurement – Webinar
Virtual Connections Café: Challenging Procurement – Webinar

Innovation Procurement to Solve Global Challenges -Webinar
Innovation Procurement to Boost Regions in Post-covid Recovery – Webinar


Radical innovation for places – Can COVID-19 projects become a Catapult? – Webinar


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