Radical innovation for places: Can COVID-19 projects become a Catapult?

DATE: 12 May, 2020


START TIME: 11:00 am END TIME: 12:00 pm

The COVID-19 emergency has ignited many innovation-driven procurements.

The rule-makers have actively encouraged the use of innovation-focused tools. Can this unconstrained approach to mobility and built environment innovation procurement be sustained post-COVID-19? What policies and skills will boost innovation in the post-COVID-19 economy? How can places emerge from this crisis with deeply embedded innovative approaches?

You are invited to discuss your innovation ideas and experiences with our expert panel, which will share the findings of recent global research to frame the debate.

To coincide with Tuesday’s (12th) webinar ‘Radical Innovation for places – Can COVID-19 projects become a Catapult? We have launch the Radical Innovation for Places post COVID Report. We are  engaging with experts and representative bodies from across the public procurement ecosystem to challenge the myths surrounding public procurement, outline best practice for the procurement of innovation by the public sector and support new routes to market for innovative suppliers, and the report reflects on the benefits of ambitious innovation programmes and the methods that place leaders can use to realise impact for their local businesses and citizens.

For more information and resources on procurement, please visit our dedicated page Challenging Procurement.


Sam Markey

Director of Strategic Analysis,

Connected Places Catapult

Malcolm Harbour CBE


Connected Places Catapult

Dr. Oliver Kirsch

Senior Technology Strategy Analyst

Connected Places Catapult

Matthieu Cahen

Deputy Head of the Public Procurement Unit




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