Nighttime highway scene with light trails from vehicles traveling along the road, bordered by trees and open fields, under a twilight sky.

The future of England’s roads

In this episode Prof. Greg Clark meets Paul Doney, Director of Innovation & Continuous Improvement at Highways England – the highway, traffic and street authority that manages 4,300 miles of England's roads and motorways.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic the reduction in traffic volume on England’s strategic road network was huge. But as the economy now starts to recover it’s important to remain focussed on those medium to long term challenges that haven’t gone away. What do the UK’s net zero ambitions mean for England’s strategic road network? What contribution is innovation making on that journey and where are the opportunities for businesses? How can digitisation and new and emerging technologies help to connect not just people but places?

Paul Doney has had a distinguished career as a civil engineer and a background in contracting, engineering and local government, Paul joined the Highways Agency in 2003 and more recently has been leading the innovation agenda at Highways England with a strong focus on customer value.

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Show notes

Conversation topics/themes:

  • The impact the pandemic has had on the road network in England, and changing mobility patterns over the last year
  • The bigger trends that pre-date COVID which are shaping the future of England’s strategic road network, and how Highways England preparing for that future. 
  • The role that digitisation plays when thinking about the road networks of the future, and the new and emerging technologies; how such technologies can connect not just people, but places. 
  • How Highways England is responding to the innovation challenges that these trends and technologies are bringing with them, particularly the question of how a public body can work more creatively with researchers and SMEs. 
  • What the net zero agenda means for Highways England and the strategic road network

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