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MuCCA CAV project final showcase

DATE : 19 March 2020
LOCATION : Connected Places Catapult I Milton Keynes
START TIME : 9:30 am END TIME : 2:00 pm

The showcase will outline how the MuCCA project has tested and refined solutions to many of the technical challenges that face fully autonomous cars from the experts across the consortium.

The Multi-Car Collision Avoidance Project (MuCCA) has been a £4.6m, 30-month project funded by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) via Innovate UK. As the project draws to a close, please join us at the final showcase to hear how the consortium consisting of, Applus Idiada, Connected Places Catapult, Cosworth, Cranfield University, Westfield Sportscars and SBD Automotive has developed a next-generation driver aid to avoid multi-car collisions on motorways. If an accident cannot be avoided, the MuCCA system will attempt to minimise its consequences (both injuries and damage).



• 9.30-10:00 – Registration

• 10:00 –Welcome

• 10:15 – Opening keynote: Iain Forbes – Head of CCAV (Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles)

• 10:30 –11:35 – Presentations from the MuCCA Consortium

• 11:35-12:00 – Panel and Q&A

• 12:00-12:15 – Next steps

• 12:15- 2:00 – Lunch, exhibition and networking