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Digital Masterplanning - London Festival of Architecture

DATE : 13 June 2019
LOCATION : Connected Places Catapult @ Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0BE

The speed of change in cities is accelerating. Economic cycles, cultural patterns, environmental conditions and technological changes, means that in the 12 months it can take to complete a masterplan, its context at completion may be radically different to when it was first conceived.


Could devising a masterplan ever be as simple and easy as adding items to your Amazon ‘shopping cart’? Mixing and matching different buildings until the developable site area meets the aspirations of the developer and local planning authority?

As the pace of change in cities accelerates, Connected Places Catapult and KPF are looking at what the future holds for masterplanning; how emerging data-driven technologies will positively disrupt traditional practice to help us deliver faster, more agile, future-proofed masterplans to meet the needs of the 21st Century City.

In this session we will be presenting and discussing the design of a hypothetical digital tool that we have developed which would turn defining the early stages of a master plan on its head and radically change the relationship between public authorities, consultants and developers.

This tool hints at the potential transformation digital technology will have on the future role of architects and masterplanners, where many of the more repetitive and time-consuming tasks will be automated, freeing up time for more creative and complex problem solving.


08.30 – Registration

09.00 Talk starts

10.00 – Talk ends