Virtual Connections Cafe: Support and Networking Webinar

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Event finished: 22nd July 2020

Connections Cafes SME networking and support webinars look to explore developments and opportunities in the built environment and mobility services that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness. They offer support and guidance to growing businesses to help them bridge the gap between new innovations and commercial success. We welcome all SMEs and businesses who work within these exciting sectors.

The theme for this SME networking and support webinar will be Applying Innovation in Built Environment during and after Covid-19: As industry players have been watching the situation unfold during recent months, trends have been noticed on how the retraction from global markets are making changes in housing affordability, building safety, residents voice, placemaking, staff well-being, local competitions and climate change. It is therefore imminent that we have to gather together thought leaders, industry, policy makers and large corporates to address the vulnerability of the built environment sector, face these challenges, and explore how innovation from small firms can be applied during these unprecedented times, as well as what the future holds for innovation to continue to flourish.