NH Hazard Protection on Roads Accelerator Application Support Webinar

Do you have an innovation that could help prevent road accidents? Join our application support webinar for the National Highways Hazard Protection on Roads Accelerator to find out more!
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Event finished: 21st November 2023

When and where?

21st November 2023
2:00pm - 3:30pm


This event is now complete

The National Highways Hazard Protection on Roads Accelerator is a programme delivered by Connected Places Catapult, that aims to stimulate innovation around the challenge of further helping to protect road users in England from hazards. This accelerator programme will foster innovation by inviting SMEs to propose innovative solutions to further help protect road users, addressing specific challenge areas. For this accelerator, we see hazards as any circumstance on roads that drivers may not have anticipated and will need to react to.

The challenge areas are:

  1. Gathering data about hazards on roads
  2. Streamlining hazard responses
  3. Improving driver notification of hazards
  4. Improving testing of hazard detection technology
  5. Influencing drivers to reduce unsafe behaviour

To find out more about the Accelerator and to apply, please visit our opportunity page

This application support event will cover the background to the programme, the challenges it is aiming to address, how the programme will benefit SMEs, guidance on how to apply and information on the application process.