Level Crossing Boom Lighting Opportunity Information & Support Webinar

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Event finished: 21st July 2020

Connected Places Catapult and Network Rail are looking to the UK innovation community to propose railway lighting technologies or ideas which could be attached to a level crossing barrier, and which would increase the likelihood of road users seeing them in all foreseeable environmental conditions. Network Rail are keen to explore the art-of-the-possible and identify where innovation can be accelerated through their business to deployment on the network.

We want to know what ideas or technologies you might have to address this challenge. We’re not looking for detailed proposals yet, but an indication of how you think you could help deliver a solution to this challenge for Network Rail.

This Webinar will provide further information, offer support and guidance and answer any questions you have about the ‘Level Crossing Boom Lighting Horizon Scan Opportunity’ Challenge.


  • Welcome & Introduction (Stuart Rowell, Mobility Technology Innovation Team Lead at Connected Places Catapult)
  • Accelerated Innovation Programme Overview (Anna Hacche, Research & Development Project Manager at Network Rail)
  • Challenge in Detail (Aiden Mynott, Level Crossing Asset Improvement Manager at Network Rail)
  • Q&A Session