Investing to Achieve Net Zero

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Event finished: 3rd November 2021

The Net Zero agenda will require significant up-front investment to transition our existing carbon intensive system, such as how we heat our homes and how we travel, to a lower carbon alternative. The UK Cities Climate Investment Commission (UK CCIC), a partnership between Connected Places Catapult, Core Cities and London Councils, adopts a novel approach to addressing the challenge of financing Net Zero in major cities across the UK. 

On the Sustainable Finance Day at COP26, the UK CCIC presented its findings on the up-front investment needed to address the Core Cities’ & London boroughs’ Net Zero pledges.  

Through new research delivered by the UKCCIC, we estimate that approximately £200 billion (in a range of £125bn-£416bn) must be invested to achieve Net Zero across London and UK Core Cities. This is beyond the financing capacity of the public sector alone.  

This event brought together the investment sector with cities to discuss the opportunities and limitations for private finance to play a leading role in accelerating Net Zero infrastructure investment across commercial real-estate, housing, transport, renewable electricity generation, waste management and other green infrastructure. 

Those who attended: 

  • Banks and other Financial Institutions 
  • Investment funds & companies interested in decarbonisation  
  • Local Authorities and City Leaders 
  • Central and Regional Government  
  • Large and small businesses, particularly operating in the real estate utilities, transport and low carbon technologies 
  • International organisations active on climate change and sustainable development 
  • Community organisations and NGOs who are interested in supporting borough action on the green recovery 
  • Media organisations. 


  • Connected Places Catapult  
  • Core Cities  
  • London Councils  

The event took place at Glasgow City Chambers, Satinwood Suite, George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU.

The event was also livestreamed on Hopin virtual Event Platform.