Interdisciplinary advancement of trust in Autonomous Vehicles

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Event finished: 16th June 2020

If you just argue that CAV is just a little bit safer than current manual models, is that good enough? How do we tackle the autonomous vehicles safety question?

There are genuine technological difficulties – for example, generating sufficient evidence to satisfy statistical arguments is difficult.

How can arguments formed through validation and verification give that satisfaction? What is solved? What remains a going concern?

What does society need, to have confidence that technology is ready?

autonomous vehicles safety

To address this, CPC is hosting an interdisciplinary webinar between two academics working in this space. Dr Peter Popov, City University uses probabilistic modelling to support cybersecurity of AVs and Xinyi Wu, University of Edinburgh will explores anthropological approaches to trust and safety, and how this applies to attitudes to AVs.

They will be joined in conversation by Thomas Webster, Principal Technologist at Connected Places Catapult and leading work on AVs.