The hub for mobility infrastructure.

The event embraces the development and management of the infrastructure that enables the intelligent, seamless, joined-up and sustainable movement of goods and people.

Interchange is about catalysing the integrated and intelligent transport infrastructure to deliver demonstrable social, economic and environmental benefits. The event is a meeting point for experts and leaders of the transport infrastructure ecosystem, and it is expected to host over 1,500 delegates over two days.


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Event finished: 19th April 2023

Working from the premise that collaboration and joined-up thinking is a prerequisite to achieving low-carbon and friction-free movement, Interchange will bring together the traditionally separated transport disciplines of road, rail, aviation and maritime with the real estate, energy and tech communities.

Connected Places Catapult is delighted to partner with Meeting of Minds, and we are actively participating in the Interchange steering committee. Our Director of New Mobility Technologies, Henry Tse advises on the Interchange Steering Group, and we are confident that Interchange will cover the issues, challenges and solutions from the perspective of the transport infrastructure ecosystem.

Henry will join the panel on Improving end to end logistics from farmer to fork and plant to port on 19 April at 14.00.

Hear from Dr Wolfgang Schuster, our Executive Director for Ecosystem Innovation who will chair the panel on Scaling the adoption of hydrogen on 18 April at 11.45. 

Don’t miss out this important event for the infrastructure community.

Apply to attend which gives you the opportunity to meet with us and to hear more on zero emission infrastructure for transport hub.