Intellectual Property Masterclass for SMEs

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Event finished: 16th September 2020

New products, brands and designs appear so regularly on the marketplace, and these are results of continuous innovation and creativity of businesses. As SMEs are often the driving force behind such innovations, IP itself becomes a power tool in inducing technological change in the business – when IP is legally protected, there will be demand for the IP-protected solution in the marketplace, making IP a very valuable business asset. However, if left unprotected, a great invention may be lost to larger competitors without any financial benefit or reward to the original innovator. Understanding the IP system is therefore crucial for SMEs to fully exploit their innovative and creative capacity and stay competitive in the market.

We are delighted to announce that Connected Places Catapult will be running the IP Masterclass with Mathys & Squire and Raising Partners on the 16th September, for SMEs who are interested to know more about IP and understand how IP strategies can promote the growth of your business. If you are an SME looking to explore this space, you will have the opportunity to hear more from our expert partners, engage in a small-group activity to kick-start new thinking, and engage in a pre-booked 1:1 session with Mathys & Squire and/or Raising Partners for more tailored advice on this subject matter.

This is a free masterclass, but please be aware that we will be selecting a cohort of SMEs to participate; your responses on the questions provided during sign up will be important for us to assess whether this masterclass is best match to your needs.