Interchange 2024

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Interchange is a burgeoning community of major public and private sector stakeholders from across the transport, energy, property and technology sectors who see integrated transport infrastructure as a pre-requisite to decarbonisation and net zero.

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Event finished: 28th February 2024

When and where?

27th - 28th February 2024
9:00am - 6:00pm


This event is now complete

Paul Wilson, our Chief Business Officer, is participating in the keynote panel titled ‘Transport as the key to people-centric, accessible, and sustainable urban spaces’ on 27 Feb, from 13:10 on the Keynote Stage.

Justin Anderson, Director of Digital Twin Hub, is delivering a presentation on connected digital twins as part of Interchange partner event Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) Live, also on 27 Feb.

Come find us on the show floor and connect!

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