Housing Innovation Week

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Event finished: 27th September 2019

Digitisation and innovation are driving the evolution of our world like never before, the time has come to apply this ever-increasing capacity for meaningful change to housing. Developing homes which are fit for the future is vital for creating vibrant city economies, as well as promoting well-being and good quality of life for urban populations. New technologies and innovation have enormous potential to help us meet some of the biggest challenges we face, such as rapid urban population growth, ageing demographics, and climate change.

It is widely acknowledged that the UK housing market faces systemic issues which are hindering us from meeting up to the future demand for housing. Long term trends point to a range of issues, from limited planning and procurement capacity to outdated house building models, low productivity, and general resistance to new approaches across the sector.

The key areas we will explore during the week include:

  • Housing and Urban Mobility
  • Homes and Healthy Ageing
  • Retrofit.