Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme: National challenges in Healthy Ageing locally understood

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Event finished: 15th September 2021

Using local insights to spark innovation

Sunderland City Council and a Northern Ireland based consortium were selected as the first two location partners for the autumn testing phase of the Homes for Healthy Ageing programme. As testbed hosts, they’ve identified a number of local challenges that they want UK SMEs and innovators to help address through home- and place-based solutions.

What’s the webinar about?

This webinar is a chance for UK SMEs and innovators to understand more about the specific challenges and opportunities of healthy ageing at a local level, and spark ideas, conversations and interest in supporting the first testbed phase.

Connected Places Catapult is inviting SMEs to join this informative webinar to learn about the addressable programme challenges. The Homes for Healthy Ageing testbeds provide an opportunity to test, develop and showcase solutions.

Join the team and our location partners on 15th September to find out more about the specific local themes and challenges, and ask questions about the programme.

About the Homes for Healthy Ageing programme

Connected Places Catapult is delivering a multi-year programme to support the Government’s goal of enabling people to live at home independently for at least five more years. The Homes for Healthy Ageing programme draws on world-leading academic and industry research to match solutions from healthtech and care innovators with the insights and capabilities of local authorities and housing associations. We’re working with partners, thought leaders and SMEs who want to harness opportunities for growth and innovation in the healthy ageing space.