EV Business Models Roadmap for Indian Cities

Event starts at 09.00 GMT and Indian Standard Time (GMT+5:30)
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Event finished: 15th March 2022

This webinar will focus on how EVs can not only contribute to the net zero and clean air agenda in India’s city space, but how it can provide the country with the opportunity to move from a net importer of fossil fuels and e-mobility supply chain parts and solutions to a leading hub of development and deployment, and then to a regional and global powerhouse of exports.

Hear from experts discuss a new business model to support the sharing economy and greater access to two-wheel electric vehicles (2W EVs) in Indian cities in a way that mitigates the existing issues of price, storage, range anxiety and access by economically disadvantaged groups. By designing a Future Mobility model of transport, we look at decarbonising urban transportation, opening up mobility access to lower economic classes, increasing mobility in the city, and supporting the battery development and recycling areas that are key to this huge and growing sector.

We will convene the Indian and UK government representatives, academics and businesses to debate state-of-the-art business models that can be tested, validated and then scaled throughout India over subsequent years.