European Best Practice in Micromobility

Event sponsors ForuMM, CPC, & IUK
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Event finished: 26th January 2022

Join us for a chance to learn from leading cities in Europe how policy and deployment strategies can create a positive environment for micromobility services. City officials from large and small cities, as well as a regional experts, will share their experiences and take questions.

The growing necessity for net zero solutions underscores the failure of the UK transport system to decarbonise. One emerging prospect is small-scale urban vehicles: micromobility. Especially in a country like the UK – where 50% of trips are under 3 miles – replacing car journeys with people- or electric-powered bikes, scooters, delivery bots, and more can make a significant impact.

To date, micromobility has been under-used in the UK. But it is now accelerating to catch up to global leaders, particularly cities in Europe and Asia. Local authorities need guidance to ensure this growth is sustainable, equitable, and adds value. This webinar will draw on the experiences of European cities like Paris (France) and Modena (Italy) to highlight the successes & challenges of supporting urban micromobility.