Breakfast Briefing: Enabling Thriving Urban Communities through Sound Sensing AI Technology

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Event finished: 24th March 2021

The sounds around us, “soundscapes”, have a major impact on how people feel about their urban environment. At the University of Surrey, we are beginning to build sound sensing AI technology that can automatically recognise these sound events and soundscapes.

In this briefing, University of Surrey will showcase some examples of exciting recent developments, including sound sensing AI technology for smart cities and traffic monitoring. We will explore how these technologies could help improve quality of life in urban living and we will discuss how we can address important privacy concerns around sound monitoring in urban spaces.

We are keen to hear your feedback on the possibilities opened up by this research, and the issues that are important to you.

Who should attend?

  • Urban policy makers and councillors
  • Smart city tech designers
  • People who live or work in urban areas