Connected Places Catapult Net Zero Framework for Indonesian Provinces

This event will disseminate research findings and encourage a conversation around the Connected Places Catapult collaboration with the British Embassy in Indonesia and the UK-Indonesia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Sciences (UKICIS) under a UK government funded project in five provinces: DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali.
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Event finished: 29th March 2022

This collaboration produced a framework for emissions reductions targets, together with a report to facilitate tracking and evaluating current status as well as future progress in the five provinces. The event will also highlight potential challenges and opportunities for UK and Indonesian solution providers to address them.

Following on from the UK-hosted COP 26, this event will highlight the evidence-base to link Indonesia’s performance in carbon emissions reductions with innovation-led technology, systems and policies that can be delivered in partnership with the UK. It will also help widen an understanding of the positive aspects of engaging with the emissions reduction (”net zero”) agenda.  Net zero strategies link to many of Indonesia’s key national and local economic goals. The event will have as its focal point the recommendations of the report to lay the foundations for future net zero collaboration between the UK and Indonesia – improving regional net zero performance while supporting the country’s wider socio-economic goals.

Following this virtual report launch, the final report will be made available in both English and Bahasa Indonesian, for ease of access to decision makers and industry stakeholders, both to facilitate local goals and foster future UK-Indonesian collaboration.