Challenging Procurement Series: Co-creating Innovation

DATE: 14 June, 2021

LOCATION: Online Webinar

START TIME: 2:30 pm END TIME: 4:00 pm

During this webinar you will hear leading case studies, best practices, and learn why citizen co-projects are often cited as a powerful mechanism by innovative public sector organisations, where citizens can identify their own unmet needs and propose solutions.

Challenging Procurement Programme

Connected Places Catapult is the UK Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Mobility, Smart Cities and the Built Environment. It works with local and national government, academia and industry to accelerate the integration of innovations which boost physical, digital and social connectivity in our countries, cities, towns and communities.

CPC launched a new initiative, Challenging Procurement, in 2019. The objectives are to unleash the potential of public procurement to deliver innovative products and services, while engaging innovative providers, especially SMEs. We have been collecting information and engaging experts from across the ecosystem, bringing together place leaders, procurement professionals, commissioners and innovators in local services, to share experiences of public procurement and identify examples of pioneering practice.



Presentations from speakers


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