Avoiding Carmageddon Post-Covid-19

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Event finished: 22nd July 2020

This webinar is in partnership with Iomob. 

Mobility is a fundamental building block of society and is facing significant challenges in the face of Covid-19. Despite little evidence to support higher contagion rates on public transport, many people fear the risks of public transport and are reverting to the perceived safety and comfort of their private vehicles. Sign up to discuss post-pandemic transport challenges and opportunities.

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Many enlightened cities in response to this concern, have stepped up their efforts to expand active travel corridors for use by pedestrians and micromobility (owned or shared) users. However, these efforts have initially focused on physical infrastructure and will require new micro-mobility and digital platform services to provide citizens with a viable and convenient alternative to the car. So how will post-pandemic transport look like?

This webinar brings together organizations who are fighting to leverage this once in a generation opportunity to remake our cities and mobility ecosystems in ways that further reduce dependence and use of private automobiles.

We will hear from experts working on current active travel initiatives, digital services and micro-mobility deployments.

Each speaker will briefly introduce their perspective on active travel Post-Covid, followed by an open panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities to avoid Carmageddon in the UK and beyond and what role digital solutions and micro mobility can play in the “new normal” mobility preferences.