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Meet the innovator using virtual reality to improve driver safety
Heavy goods drivers are among the beneficiaries of new safety training developed using virtual reality.
Meet the Academic building trust in Artificial Intelligence
Gopal Ramchurn grew up watching robots and humans interact in television programmes such as Knight Rider, before embarking on a research career considering the possibilities of AI in transport and sport. But the university professor does have concerns about the technology’s direction of travel.
Workshop explores resilience model’s expanding scope
Potential expansions to the CReDo model (the Climate Resilience Demonstrator) including further geographical, use case and climate scenarios were unveiled at The Future of CReDo event at Connected Places Catapult. Participants also mapped out commercial options for how the model could be owned and operated going forwards.
Durham researcher uses AI to aim high with drone safety
Several established and promising academics have received funding through the Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG) programme in recent years. In the second of a series of profiles about grant recipients finding success, we speak to Dr Hubert Shum – an associate professor of computer science at Durham University.
Meet the Academic helping to better connect communities in the countryside
Stephen Joseph has spent a career extolling the virtues of public transport over car-based travel and has turned his attention to improving mobility in areas outside of cities.
Sarah Hayes: If we fail to share on climate risk, we’re sure to fail
Climate change is the biggest challenge we face, but we are far from ready to deal with extreme weather events caused by the changing climate, says Connected Places Catapult’s new Affiliate.
It’s a match! Hear from businesses that the Catapult helped connect
Funding and business support are not the only perks for small enterprises joining our programmes; networking opportunities allow companies with similar ambitions to come together and share ideas. We speak to two new pairings developing business propositions after meeting over coffee at events organised by Connected Places Catapult.
Integrating automated vehicles into the transport system
Automated vehicles are no longer just a science fiction vision of the future; long term trials have been operating around the globe, and paid services for the general public are now available in certain locations.