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Meet the Innovator using AI to monitor site safety
Computer vision specialist RoboK is gaining a solid reputation for improving site safety around ports, and its co-founder Hao Zheng is helping to steer a Connected Places Catapult advisory board.
Meet the Innovator embracing AI to track biodiversity on rooftops
Former circus performer Dusty Gedge swapped big tops for rooftops to become Britain’s ‘green roof guru’ and is working with Connected Places Catapult to champion the benefits of converting the tops of buildings into wildlife havens.
Meet the innovator making waves in the green marine sector
Ecomar Propulsion is about to sell its first electric outboard motors for boats to a client in the Maldives, and recently participated in Connected Places Catapult’s Maritime Accelerator.
Meet the Innovator helping to reduce freight vehicle pollution in cities
Supply chain specialist Steve Whyman has developed CurbCargo, an environmental software system that encourages businesses to work together to reduce the impact of delivery vehicles in cities.
Meet the innovator giving blind people a helping hand
Entrepreneur and inventor Rob Quinn made personal sacrifices to start work on an innovation to help visually impaired people navigate busy urban environments. Now with the backing of investors and support from Connected Places Catapult he is refining and testing his ‘Magic Torch’ and hopes to launch a commercial product within two years.
Meet the innovator providing 5G at sea
Battling gusty winds at sea in a boat with a broken sail made James Thomas realise just how useful a reliable phone signal would have been to provide emergency navigation and communicate his plight. After making it to shore, he set about developing a floating 5G mobile network to help those in hostile environments stay connected.
Meet the innovator driving autonomous vehicle safety forward
Electronics expert Oliver Leisten has developed satellite-based communication systems to help unmanned aircraft stay safe in the sky. He is now turning his attention to driverless cars with the help of Connected Places Catapult.
Meet the innovator creating community friendly drone ports
David Majoe hopes to automate the transfer of goods between drones and customers with the help of Connected Places Catapult, and make take-off and landing sites convenient and attractive places for local people to visit.