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Zero Emission HGV infrastructure: how can we ensure safe deployment?
Ensuring safe electric charging and hydrogen refuelling could represent barriers to the transition of road freight towards net zero. Essential competencies are needed to develop best practices.
Meet the Academic showing how public procurement can aid net zero aims
Katherine Sugar champions efforts to spend more on energy infrastructure projects that promise a fairer transition to net zero in cities.
Dr Hadi Moztarzadeh: Mobility not mode must be the automotive industry and the broader transport sector’s focus
Connected Places Catapult’s Affiliate explains why the automotive sector needs to share learnings and opportunities with colleagues in rail, maritime and aviation to help with the transition towards net zero and sustainable transport.
A woman stands on a city sidewalk with her dog as a red double-decker bus, contributing to vehicle pollution, passes by at speed. An urban building is visible in the background.
Meet the innovator capturing pollutants from vehicles
Serial inventor Kristen Tapping is developing an air filtration device for heavy vehicles to help clean polluted air on city streets, and is supported by Connected Places Catapult in her quest to bring a useful product to market.
Meet the academic protecting bridges from climate change
Italian structural engineer Enrico Tubaldi’s experience of a strong earthquake in his hometown as a student led him to set about improving the resilience of structures to tremors. Now based in the UK, he’s turned his attention to protecting historic bridges from the effects of flooding.
A busy professional kitchen with chefs in white uniforms working. Plates are arranged on a long stainless steel counter, ready for food plating. Stainless steel, energy-saving appliances are visible in the background.
Energy saving start-up secures investment after Catapult event
Promising start-up companies looking to secure investment for their innovations gathered at the Shard in London last February to pitch their business propositions. One year on, we speak to event participant Gregor Hoefter of energy saving platform GridDuck about his firm’s journey.
A man in a white shirt and glasses plugs a charging cable into an electric vehicle at a charging station next to a large cylindrical tank.
Cambridgeshire haulier drives consolidated deliveries and shared charging forward
Nearly 200 organisations have come together in the Freight Innovation Cluster – convened by Connected Places Catapult – to strengthen ties within the logistics sector. One new member is Welch’s Transport which is developing a freight consolidation centre to reduce the number of trucks heading towards Cambridge.
A man with a bald head and a black shirt sits in a workshop surrounded by various tools and equipment, ensuring everything is ready for the day's focus on virtual reality safety.
Meet the innovator cleaning the air in train stations
Matteo Maccario and his start-up company Pluvo are about to install new air filtration devices on train platforms in Birmingham and Salisbury.