September 29th

Virtual Event

Join us for the most important forum on Active Travel of the year

The Active Travel Summit aims to celebrate and accelerate the UK active travel market. By convening innovators, city leaders, transport authorities, active travel commissioners, central government, business leaders and world-leading academics, we will open a space to explore current blockers and propose new mechanisms to unlock the full potential of active travel to power the shift to healthy, low carbon mobility. 

The Summit will feature TeamGB stars like Dame Sarah Storey – Active Travel Commissioner for the Sheffield City Region – and her London equivalent, Will Norman, with business leaders like Will Butler Adams from Brompton Bikes, Arup’s Susan Claris and innovative property developers like Harry Badham and Roger Madelin of Hammerson and British Land respectively. The new Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department for Transport, Professor Sarah Sharples and Professor Rachel Aldred of the Active Travel Academy will bring to life the UK’s leading role in related fields of science and research. 

Together with industry and place leaders, we want to develop an ambitious, coordinated and directed active travel programme that will grow the UK active travel market and drive jobs, enterprise, innovation, investment, and trade opportunities. There are many definitions of Active Travel.

Active travel is sometimes seen as the collective term for cycling and walking. But it is so much more diverse and exciting. It involves a breadth and inclusivity that we are all only starting to appreciate.  For our route map, we seek to embrace all that it is and can become. We take in all human-powered mobility as well as sustainable freight. 

Think beyond an image of everyday walking and cycling to consider the full diversity of pedal-powered designs. Consider the wide range of form factors.  Note the new inclusive terms ‘wheelers’ and ‘wheeling’ for active travellers and its multitude of forms where wheels are involved including amongst others: Traditional and adaptive bikes; Manual and electric wheelchairs; Prams and pushchairs; Scooters, skateboards and skates.

Consider the wide range of muscle groups that human-powered mobility might involve – heart, eyes, mouth, lung muscles, arms, legs, hands and others.  Wonder at the diversity of how they are used: From a child breathing fresh air and looking around in a pram to an adult enjoying the stimulation of a trip seated in the bucket seat of an adapted bike; From someone controlling an electric wheelchair by their breath to someone powering a bike using their hands; From muscle or brain signals to control movement of bionic limbs  to journeys on foot: From a skateboard powered by legs in an inner city to one powered by hands on the red earth roads of rural Kenya; From running with blades in Manchester to running with both legs in the Shetland Islands.  All are active travel. 

Picture the growing array of e-cargo and electric bikes, which are partly assisted but principally human-powered. 

All these are forms of healthy, active travel involving the benefits of both physical and mental stimulation.” 

The Connected Places Catapult is taking the lead on accelerating solutions by identifying opportunities and tackling the challenges faced by this high-potential industry. We recognise that the opportunities created by walking, cycling, running, wheeling and scooting in the UK are huge. We can open up new forms of active travel to people across the country, decarbonise transport, accelerate net zero, transform our roads and streets, create attractive people-friendly places, address the obesity crisis, and improve mental health.

UK businesses are building an enormously diverse range of products and services that make active travel a thriving, high-growth and forward-facing sector. Given global investment and rapid policy and regulatory shifts at national, regional and city government level this presents a substantial export potential – cutting across multiple sectors where the UK has a strong global reputation like design, masterplanning, engineering, project finance, insurance and other high-value consultancy. This is driven by fundamental and applied research and a rapid technology curve, not least in terms of battery technology and electric mobility. From apps that guide journeys, bikes that can be carried on trains, to scooters that can fold under a desk, e-bikes that flatten the hardest of hills, and light electric vehicles (LEVs) that can deliver to your door using only pedal power – the UK is at the forefront of the hardware and software of the active travel revolution. This has the potential to thrive and scale in what Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called ‘a new golden age’ in cycling, walking and active mobility. 

The Active Travel Summit brings together a cross-section of stakeholders vital to accelerating the active travel agenda and unlocking the full potential of the active travel market, from decision-makers and planners in government, cities and towns, through to the investment community, small and large businesses, academia, strategic bodies and not-for-profit organisations. 

Why Attend  

If you are innovating in the Active Travel market, we want to find ways to celebrate and showcase your work. We want to give you the space to be inspired and to highlight opportunities with the people who might be able to help. 

If you are an investor or an owner of big strategic challenges relating to Active Travel, we want you to explore the role of Collaborative Research & Development (CR&D) and the innovation market. 

If you are a place leader, transport authority or decision maker, we want to provide a space for you to explore how you can better leverage the power of the UK’s rich and diverse Active Travel innovation market. You will discuss with peers how you might share requirements, collectively approach problems or share challenges with the market.  

No matter who you are, we want you to leave inspired by this celebration of British innovation in Active Travel, ready to play your part in helping the industry step (and ride) up yet another gear.  


  • 29th Sept

Introducing the Active Travel Summit, and its aims; what to expect in terms of the breadth of speakers and the discussion topics; how the Summit fits within a wider picture of active travel policy and innovation; and what, as a result of the Summit and wider programme, we want to be different.

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The economic opportunity for UK firms presented by this new golden age of active travel, domestically and as a high-growth export market.

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Network with attendees and visit the virtual exhibitor stands. network

In this session we will explore how different Light Electric Vehicles will help change how both goods, and people, move more sustainably and efficiently, whilst improving our air quality and experience of place.

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Network with attendees and visit the virtual exhibitor stands. network

In this session we’ll explore the merits of boosting active travel research and development directly, by industry and public CR&D. What are some of the defined market opportunities and challenges?

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In this session we’ll explore the merits of boosting active travel research and development directly, by industry and public CR&D. What are some of the defined market opportunities and challenges?

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Network with attendees and visit the virtual exhibitor stands. network

How do we plan places for people? Places that encourages and enable active travel as the preferred and easiest option for all ages and abilities? How can we use planning and all forms of design to realise visions like the 15 Minute City or 20 Minute Neighbourhoods?

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Reflections and call to arms and legs for the sector.

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Picture of Dame Sarah Storey
Dame Sarah Storey Active Travel Commissioner South Yorkshire Authority

Dame Sarah Storey is the most successful British female Paralympic athlete, and the Active Travel Commissioner for the South Yorkshire MCA (Mayoral Combined Authority). Read more…

Picture of Adam Tanter
Adam Tanter CEO Fusion Media

Adam Tranter is the CEO of communications agency Fusion Media, working with brands such as Specialized, Shimano, Raleigh and Brompton. Read more…

Picture of Dr Andrea Cooper OBE
Dr Andrea Cooper OBE Director of Human Connected Design Connected Places Catapult

As a design consultant and academic Andrea has worked with a range of brands including Unilever, Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Land Rover. Read more…

Picture of Georgia Yexley
Georgia Yexley Head of Cities UKI TIER Mobility

Georgia has worked in partnerships with cities across the globe, to reach their active and sustainable transport goals. Read more…

Picture of Hana Sutch
Hana Sutch Co-founder and CEO Go Jauntly

Hana Sutch is co-founder and CEO at Go Jauntly, a health and wellness company who created Go Jauntly. A multi-award winning walking, wayfinding and nature connection app. Read more…

Picture of Harry Badham
Harry Badham Chief Development Officer Hammerson

Harry oversees the development teams working on destination reposition across the UK, Ireland and France. Read more…

Picture of James Goldsmith
James Goldsmith Head of Leasing AXA IM Alts

James Goldsmith is Head of Leasing at AXA IM Alts. Read more…

Picture of John Fox
John Fox Programme Director Micromobility at WMG

John is Programme Director for Micromobility at WMG, working to accelerate a positive transition to net zero transportation which also benefits UK businesses. Read more…

Picture of Mark Urbanowski
Mark Urbanowski Innovation Lead UK Research and Innovation

Mark Urbanowski is an Innovation Lead in the ISCF Driving the Electric Revolution challenge Team at UKRI. Read more…

Picture of Lee Kidger
Lee Kidger Managing Director Raleigh UK

Lee has been Managing Director at Raleigh UK since June 2020. Read more…

Picture of Neil Fulton
Neil Fulton Chief Delivery Officer Connected Places Catapult

Neil began his career with Cummis Engine Company with a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering. Read more…

Picture of Karla Jakeman
Karla Jakeman Innovation Lead for Connected Transport Innovate UK

Karla is Innovation Lead for Connected Transport, part of the Land & Maritime Transport Team at Innovate UK. Read more…

Picture of Nick Evans
Nick Evans Head of Planning Sports England

Nick Evans is Head of Planning at Sport England with overall responsibility for Sport England statutory role on the protection of playing fields and ensuring the land use planning system helps deliver sport and physical activity into everyday life. Read more…

Picture of Rachel Aldred
Rachel Aldred Professor of Transport University of Westminster

Rachel Aldred is Professor of Transport at the University of Westminster as well as Director of the Active Travel Academy. Read more…

Picture of Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Customer and Commercial Director Go Ahead

Mark is committed to attracting people to sustainable transport modes and driving continuous improvements to the customer experience in public transport. Read more…

Picture of Roger Madelin
Roger Madelin Joint Head Canada Water Development

Roger Madelin is Joint Head of the 53 acre Canada Water Development at British Land. Read more…

Picture of Scott Cain
Scott Cain Associate Connected Places Catapult

Scott Cain, founder of active environments business Active Things, and Associate at Connected Places Catapult. Read more…

Picture of Professor Sarah Sharples
Professor Sarah Sharples Chief Scientific Adviser Department for Transport

Professor Sarah Sharples is Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department for Transport. Read more…

Picture of Shelley Lawson
Shelley Lawson Strategy Director Frog Bikes

Shelley is the Strategy and co-founder of Frog Bikes Read more…

Picture of Simon Hicks
Simon Hicks Deputy Editor The Planner

Simon Wicks is deputy editor of The Planner, the membership magazine of the Royal Town Planning Institute. Read more…

Picture of Steve Garidis
Steve Garidis Executive Director Bicycle Association

Steve has worked in and around cycling since 2005 when he ran Cycling England’s £60m p.a. programme to promote cycling, including creating Bikeability – the modern Cycling Proficiency. Read more…

Picture of Susan Claris
Susan Claris Global Active Travel Leader at Arup and Vice President of Living Streets Arup

Susan Claris is a transport planner and an anthropologist who has worked for Arup for nearly 30 years. Read more…

Picture of Will Norman
Will Norman Walking and Cycling Commissioner Mayor of London

Will Norman became London’s first Walking and Cycling Commissioner in 2016. Read more…

Picture of Olivia Walker
Olivia Walker Head of Cities Citymapper

Read more…



Episode 31

Active Travel III: Accelerating the UK Market

Presented by Ivor Wells, featuring Professor Rachel Aldred and Susan Claris

In this third episode in our active travel podcast series we continue the conversation with businesses, place leaders and campaigners for better and more active travel. We ask what seizing this potentially huge opportunity might look and feel like on our streets and in our neighbourhoods. How do we design our public spaces for more active travel? How do we ensure that change is accessible to everyone? And what are the gaps in our existing knowledge base when it comes to understanding even the current market?

Listen Here

Episode 24

Active Travel II: Accelerating the UK Market

Presented by Ivor Wells, featuring Dame Sarah Storey and Will Butler-adams

In this episode we kick off a series of conversations we’ve been having with businesses, place leaders and experts in active travel. We ask what seizing this potentially huge opportunity for economic growth and public health and wellbeing looks like around the country. How do we design our cities for more active travel? How do we ensure that change is led by communities and accessible to all? And where are the opportunities, at home and abroad, for government and industry to get ahead of the curve?

Listen Here

Episode 16

Accelerating the Active Travel Market

Presented by Ivor Wells, featuring Neil Fulton and Scott Cain

This is the first in a series of episodes where we begin to explore the opportunities for UK companies in the global market for active travel products and solutions. Throughout the series we’ll be hearing from leading figures in business, local government, academia and the wider active travel world. In this episode we begin with Neil Fulton, our Chief Delivery Officer who’s leading a new active travel programme, as well as Catapult Associate, Scott Cain who’s a passionate advocate for the benefits that active travel can offer people, places and the wider economy.


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