Accessibility Tech to be Trialled at Glasgow Airport
Innovative small businesses with ideas to improve accessibility for passengers are set to begin trials at Glasgow Airport.
Urban AI: three firms on how AI can help us understand our cities
Artificial intelligence promises large productivity and efficiency gains for our urban spaces. We speak to three leading firms working with Connected Places Catapult about their systems and their thoughts on the future of AI.
Homes and Housing Advisory Board unveiled to champion healthy and resilient homes
Connected Places Catapult brings together industry experts to help scale up building retrofit for health and resilience.
Introducing the Homes & Housing Advisory Board Members
Connected Places Catapult has announced a new Homes and Housing Advisory Board with 11 members.
Meet the academic protecting bridges from climate change
Italian structural engineer Enrico Tubaldi’s experience of a strong earthquake in his hometown as a student led him to set about improving the resilience of structures to tremors. Now based in the UK, he’s turned his attention to protecting historic bridges from the effects of flooding.
Housing retrofit challenges and future opportunities explained
Making homes more energy efficient is the aim of efforts by Connected Places Catapult and the housing sector to promote retrofit.
Energy saving start-up secures investment after Catapult event
Promising start-up companies looking to secure investment for their innovations gathered at the Shard in London last February to pitch their business propositions. One year on, we speak to event participant Gregor Hoefter of energy saving platform GridDuck about his firm’s journey.
Station Innovation Zone Playbook and Strategic Guide
A Playbook and Strategic Guide that supports stakeholders through the process of developing innovation at stations and how to set up and run a Station Innovation Zone.
Digital twin competition launched with Glasgow Airport
Innovators with digital twin solutions are invited to come forward and apply their existing technology to one of three key challenges within aviation.
Glasgow Airport Living Lab Digital Twin Competition
Glasgow Airport’s Living Lab Digital Twin Competition is a strategic initiative funded to facilitate the development of digital twin technology solutions specifically tailored for the aviation sector.
Meet the innovator mapping the oceans
Caroline Levey has combined her passions of sailing, geography and data to help introduce new methods of maritime navigation and port management.
Procurement specialists urge public authorities to push forward with innovation
A recently published report explains how the launch of the new Procurement Act can be exploited by public authorities to drive innovation and ignite new thinking.