UK-Latin America Net-Zero Solutions: UK- São Paulo Partnership for the Race to Zero

This project seeks to promote business-led research & innovation partnerships between the UK and Latin American countries to create joint solutions for the most pressing Net-Zero challenges in the UK, Latin America and beyond.

As the global focus shifts inexorably towards the decarbonisation of our cities, transport, and energy systems, it is vital that we explore and implement equitable collaborations between the UK, State of São Paulo and LatAm innovative solutions to impactfully address the challenges we face in reaching Net Zero.

Connected Places Catapult have partnered with Ideiagov and Invest SP to run a programme that selects 35 LatAm and UK SMEs with highly innovative solutions to tackle the challenges identified by the State of São Paulo in line with their Climate Action Plan and the recent announcement of the membership to the Race to Zero campaign. These challenges include Reduction of Emissions, Changing the Energy Matrix, Mobility and Sustainable Fuels and Resilient Cities.

The cohort of SMEs is engaging in a series of curated matchmaking and capacity building activities and taking part in Ideiagov’s Impact Acceleration Programme with the view of establishing equitable innovation partnerships. These innovative SMEs will then join investors, place leaders and fellow innovators at our showcase during COP26.

Business Portfolio of Innovation UK and LatAm SMEs with solutions to Net-Zero Challenges

As part of the project, Connected Places Catapult and The Business of Cities are working with the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Panama City to identify these city’s most critical challenges preventing decarbonisation and identify UK and local solutions that can help the cities to meet their climate-related targets.

We have now launched the Net-Zero Profiles.

Join us at our latest Connections Café to hear about climate commitments post COP26 with Sao Paulo and UK Partnerships. You’ll also be able to attend a roundtable discussion on partnering to achieve net zero with Latin America.

If you want to learn more about the programme, please contact Guilherme Johnston, Head of Partnerships, Global Business Growth,