Future Cities and Future Opportunities

UK SMEs that are seeking to work in overseas markets need to have a clear understanding of country and city markets and the opportunities available in each of them. These reports provide multiple levels of insights across countries and cities as well as both specific in-country ecosystem mapping and broader approaches to five Innovate UK priority countries. The report also provides a framework for city typologies that can help businesses determine the best approach to working in various cities around the world.

Priority Countries: Opportunity Overview and Recommendations

The first chapter of our report is intended to provide more nuanced understanding and ‘gap analysis’ of the five countries identified as ‘priority markets’ in our previous work on ‘Country Overview and Innovation Ecosystems’. The five countries are Australia, China, India, United States and Japan.

In particular, it provides a snapshot of each country’s various government initiatives and other factors conducive to the entry of UK SMEs within the advanced urban services and related sectors, potential sub-sector opportunities, potential routes to market for UK SMEs.

City Typologies

The second half of our report provides a new and unique methodology for classifying the world’s cities. It looks at the world’s cities and categorises
them based on rigorous and deep data to create a multi-level typology approach to determining which cities are, or in the future could, provide high potential opportunities across various market types including business-to-business and business-to-government engagements as well as research and innovation opportunities.