Future of Air Mobility Accelerator

Future of Air Mobility (FOAM) is a new, challenge-led 6 month mobility accelerator programme powered by Connected Places Catapult. Working with industry partners to identify pain points and key strategic objectives, Connected Places Catapult will source and select 12 SMEs with highly innovative solutions at TRL 6+ operating across a number of sectors. Each SME will receive a bespoke programme roadmap tailored to their requirements, including investment readiness, technology and product development support, along with introductions to aviation stakeholders and potential customers. These activities will be co-designed with SMEs in order to grow their businesses and adapt propositions to programme partner requirements, with the aim of reducing time to market for disruptive technologies by facilitating trials and commercial opportunities.

Through a focus on new and emerging challenges within the aviation ecosystem, FOAM will work alongside a consortium of partners across industry, government, academia and regulation, to ensure that the programme tackles significant sector challenges and de-risks innovation in the marketplace.

Identified Industry Challenge Areas

Within the accelerator programme, Connected Places Catapult will be focusing supporting SME’s who align with relevant industry challenge areas. These categories are as follows:

  • Data Driven Aviation:  Capture and utilise more detailed data to increase operational and commercial performance within the aviation industry. Whether this is with the collection of on-aircraft, on-site or geometric data, we would like to see how data gathered can provide users with strong decision-making capabilities, either through key visualisations or access to insights previously never available.
  • Smart Airports: Integrate the next generation of autonomous solutions into airport management systems. Our focus within this challenge is not on any one part of the airport journey, but rather on the operational effectiveness and improvement to worker/customer satisfaction this solution can provide.
  • Unmanned Ariel Vehicles / Urban Air Mobility: Accelerate the progression of both manned and unmanned vehicles within cities and high-density areas. Within this category we are looking to explore both the immediate technologies required, along with the wider infrastructure required for successful commercial deployment.

Why Partners Should Collaborate with Us:

The vision for the programme is a consortium approach whereby partners of the programme can innovate and trial new technologies collaboratively with SMEs. Through the collected efforts of Connected Places Catapult and industry stakeholders, we will provide the needed delivery support and access to governing and regulatory bodies within air mobility.

Subsequently, Connected Places Catapult are looking for a variety of partners who can provide access to testing facilities and data feeds to enable the SMEs to test and trial their technologies. Through access to government and regulatory bodies, we will equally ensure the roadmap to securing lasting partnerships through aligning the accelerator with the long-term vision of government regulations and strategy.

To find out more about the Mobility Accelerator, please email sam.bird@cp.catapult.org.uk

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