Mental health, wellbeing and working from home

Spring is on its way and with it the hope that COVID-19 restrictions might soon be eased. Yet many weeks of uncertainty still lie ahead, resilience is wearing thin, and while we wait for better days many of us continue to work from home. Even those who can’t work from home are certainly spending a lot more time at home.

In this episode we ask how place leaders and city planners can help create homes, high streets, public spaces and urban infrastructure which enable human flourishing. We hear from three experts in mental health, human-centred design and the built environment about how the places and spaces we live and work in affect our wellbeing – and the opportunities for innovators to create environments that encourage health and wellbeing for all.

This episode includes extracts from our Third Thursday webinar which was held in October.

Music on this episode is by Blue Dot Sessions and Phill Ward Music (

Show notes

This episode includes extracts from our Third Thursday webinar which was held on Thursday 22nd October and you can watch the full video of the discussion on our website.

The event was chaired by one of the Catapult’s Board Members, Pam Alexander OBE, a leading UK expert in housing, planning and economic regeneration. The discussion panellists were;

  • Pam Alexander OBE, Chair of Commonplace Digital and Non-Executive Director of the London Legacy Development Corporation
  • Sarah Niblock, CEO, UK Council for Psychotherapy
  • Dr Andrea Cooper, Director of Human Centred Design, Connected Places Catapult

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