The case for drones in UK agriculture

As part of the Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme, Connected Places Catapult partnered with Agri-EPI Centre to showcase innovative examples of using Artificial Intelligence and Drone Technology in the agriculture sector to improve efficiency, sustainability and profitability for farmers.  

Two case studies were undertaken: 

  • Case study 1 with Outfield Technologies and Bardsley England to highlight how Artificial Intelligence, 3D mapping and drone technology can be used for getting high accuracy yield estimates and reduced fruit variability between trees for high value crops such as orchard fruits 
  • Case study 2 with HSE drone spraying operators and pesticide manufacturers. An online seminar event took place to highlight the benefits of crop spraying using drones and demonstrating how drones can improve the safety and accuracy of crop spraying. 

You can download the full case study for these and watch the demonstration video below.