SME Spotlight – Iduna

In our latest SME Spotlight series, we speak to Iduna, an organisation focusing on scaling up EV charging infrastructure. We’ve asked them about their journey as an organisation and what learnings they have as well as what the future holds for technology innovation in the UK.

Short company overview: When was the company founded? What services/products do you offer? Who are your clients?

Founded in 2020, Iduna delivers the infrastructure of tomorrow, based on technology and sustainability.  We use data to build future infrastructure in a smarter way. We concentrate in three key areas mobility, telecoms and energy. A first focus area for the business is EV charging, where we are disrupting the current public charging model by building unified, concentrated regional EV charging networks that offer simple and effortless charging. The aim: scale up charging infrastructure fast to encourage EV adoption and accelerate the transition to zero carbon transport.

What was the story/idea behind the founding of the company?

Iduna was set up to develop sustainable infrastructure solutions that address the climate crisis.  Future infrastructure should only be built if it can make a positive environmental impact. And it should be delivered in a smart way – using data and technology.

What makes your company stand out from the crowd? 

We’re taking an unashamedly local approach to rolling out EV charging infrastructure. We want to offer a unified network for drivers across a region, giving them a seamless experience and achieving the critical mass of chargers in their local communities that makes running an EV genuinely effortless.

What projects to date are you most proud of? 

We’re currently operating and expanding the largest network of chargers in the Greater Manchester region, the Be.EV network. Given that road transport is responsible for over 20% of GHG emissions, delivering a reliable and connected EV network is a key driver to achieve Greater Manchester’s 2040 Transport Strategy and the UK’s Net-Zero 2050 ambition. We’re working with Transport for Greater Manchester and the 10 local authorities, as well as local businesses, universities and NHS trusts to get that network in place faster. Greater Manchester has ambitious plans for its integrated transport system and it’s great to contribute to that vision in a very practical way.  We are already expanding this model across the North of England, connecting towns and cities.

Do you think tech innovation can change the way we live, work and play for better? If yes, how? 

Absolutely. We have to imagine very quickly how we are going to live, work and play tomorrow, in a way that’s different, better, and better for the planet than it is today. I don’t think this is possible without technology. We have to become a lot smarter about where we put the infrastructure that our lives run on, how we deliver that and how we fuel it. We can’t really afford not to use the tech we’ve got and keep innovating. The challenge is too big for old solutions.