Future of Standards Survey for SMEs

Do standards cause you barriers? Or have they created opportunities? Complete our survey to have your say and help shape the future of standards.

From A4 paper, Greenwich Mean Time, the alphabet and USB sockets to the World Wide Web, Emoji’s and 5G – standards shape the world around us now and into the future, often without us even realising their impact on our everyday lives.

For businesses working in the Connected Places market, we want to ensure that we understand the needs of SME’s and Innovators when it comes to standards so that we can ensure your voices are being heard.

That’s why we have commenced a piece of research to explore user experiences with standards, within the connected places market. We want to know what benefits standards have provided your business, we also want to know what difficulties you have faced such as:

  • Have you had difficulties knowing which standards to use or accessing standards?
  • Do you have challenges with using or understanding standards and what would help to make this easier?
  • Have standards (or a lack of) caused barriers for your business?
  • Do you find it difficult in having your voice heard in standards development?
  • Do you think standards are failing to keep with technology innovation?

Here is how you can contribute:

Survey:  We are inviting SME’s to fill out our short survey to tell us your experiences. We will then be using this to develop ideas for interventions as well as talking to relevant stakeholders about our findings such as government and standards organisation.

Research interviews: if you would like more active involvement, you can take part in our user research interviews. We have already heard from a number of SME’s but are looking to gather additional insights to further enhance our research.

For more information, please contact:

Gavin Summerson:

Sajed Amirinia: