Affiliates Network Launches to Supercharge Connected Places Catapult’s Impact

A diverse network of influential professionals is being established to support Connected Places Catapult increase its impact across cities, transport and place leadership.

Connected Places Catapult, the UK’s accelerator for cities, transport, and place leadership, has today announced the formation of a new Affiliates Network, designed to strengthen the Catapult’s reach and impact in key innovation ecosystems.

The Affiliates Network will be comprised of professionals from across business, government, and academia. Individuals within the Network will be identified as Associate Directors, Ambassadors or Global Fellows.

Associate Directors will work with the Catapult on a regular basis to provide support on strategy development, identify new opportunities for commercial or CR&D work, and contribute to thought leadership content.

Ambassadors will provide strategic advisory input and introductions, as well as to provide a steer for strategic opportunities to maximise the impact of the Catapult’s initiatives.

Global Fellows will focus on utilising their international connections to raise the profile of the Catapult’s work in priority international markets.

“Across the world, we face challenges in ensuring innovation ramps up at pace to address issues including the climate crisis and regional inequality. To solve these issues and unleash the economic potential of doing things differently, we need access to the very best talent. By establishing the Affiliates Network, we will be able to draw upon an even wider range of expertise and leverage relationships across business, government and academia more effectively to increase our impact.”
Rachel Gardner-Poole, COO at Connected Places Catapult

Applications for Associate Directors closed on 6 April 2023.