£1.95m will fund 51 projects to improve the UK’s transport system

Connected Places Catapult is delighted to be delivering the Department for Transport’s (DfT) 2021 Transport Research Innovation Grants (TRIG) Programme.

TRIG is a scheme that enables the DfT to fully fund proof-of-concept research projects in support of innovative ideas or concepts that facilitate a better transport system. Since 2019, Connected Places Catapult has delivered a total of six TRIG programmes that have channelled over £4.5m into small businesses and universities.

This has allowed entrepreneurs and academics on the front line of innovation to develop new technologies, products and services that will enhance the way we travel.

Through TRIG 2021, £1.95m will fund 51 projects that fall within three key challenge areas (in addition to our traditional Open Call); the Future of Freight, Maritime Decarbonisation and COVID-19 Recovery and Resilient Transport Systems.

Within the Future of Freight challenge, the DfT has awarded 6 companies a higher grant of £100k each to enable technological advances resulting in the creation of minimum viable prototypes and subsequent testing.

Elsewhere in the programme, innovators are working on a variety of projects. Some of which include; enabling electric vehicle charging at scale, trialling a virtual reality hazard perception training tool for HGV drivers, and creating a planning tool for rural and urban mobility hubs.


Rachel Gardner-Poole, Connected Places Catapult, Chief Operating Officer said:

“TRIG is a one-of-a-kind programme. It provides a mechanism to identify and support early stage innovation that might slip through the nets of traditional funding routes. Connected Places Catapult is extremely proud to deliver TRIG 2021, which is supporting over 50 innovators across four different challenges, including the future of freight, maritime decarbonisation, COVID 19 recovery and resilient transport systems. I am excited to see what great products and services arise.”


Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said:

“Innovation funded as part of TRIG could be the key to unlocking a more efficient and safer transport system for tomorrow.

“I support the ingenious ideas of this year’s cohort every step of the way and wish the successful applicants all the very best.  I look forward to seeing the ideas develop to boost our green agenda and create high-skilled jobs across the UK.”