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Cities are seeking to create networks across places that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness, particularly in mobility services and the built environment.

Our Innovation Hubs provides a catalyst for creating world-class innovation ecosystems across and between smart cities.

What do we offer?

Including city-to-city knowledge sharing, we run capacity building workshops with city leaders specifically on innovation and technology-based city programmes to ensure cities’ full preparedness to readily accept innovation and technology-based programmes. These will cover areas such as: city standards for innovation, procuring innovation services, city data analysis and sharing, user centred design of smart city services and developing prioritised roadmaps for city innovation programmes.

The role of the Innovation Hub is two-fold:

  • Bridge the gap between research findings and outputs
  • Develop commercial propositions and market-ready business offerings
  • Enable companies and entrepreneurs to overcome the typical barriers to innovation
  • Reduce the risk of innovation activities in cities
  • Shorten time to market for innovative solution
  • Provide a single point of access for cities to engage with the supply side
  • Demonstrations of new products and services
  • Co-creation of new standards and interoperability
Case study: New Town Kolkata’s Smart City Roadmap

Connected Places Catapult has worked with key stakeholders in New Town to develop a proposal that is rooted in local needs and strategic priorities. Supported by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Prosperity Fund, we have provided independent, expert support to New Town’s authorities, to help them realise their ambition and secure investment.

This Roadmap summarises the first stage of our collaboration. Intended both for New Town’s leaders and for suppliers seeking new business, it articulates opportunity areas in the city and provides a starting point to help shape, guide and implement strategic priorities over the coming years.

What we can do for you

We seek to fill a gap by undertaking a UK supply side analysis of technology and innovation-based businesses to match up this potential supply side with the local demand side. Building on this first step, we will then run an open call for projects enabling UK innovative companies to propose solutions to the challenges identified by cities in the client’s market. We will select SME-led projects and facilitate their deployment on the ground.

Based on the supply side research, we will develop a UK innovation ‘offer’ for each city market including areas of expertise, services, products and a listing of UK businesses that can partner cities and businesses based in your country.

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