Third Thursday: EHAB Weather Ledger – tackling weather risk in construction

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Event finished: 18th March 2021

Can the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Legal contracts and online platform solutions improve the weather risk management in construction? How might the industry use these technologies to avoid disputes, delays and save costs?

Climate change is making it more difficult to predict weather patterns and when combined with the upward trend of extreme weather, construction is being exposed to greater levels of weather risk, the costs of which already run into the billions globally each year.

The Weather Ledger is a collaborative 12-month project funded by Innovate UK Transforming Construction Challenge, which brings together world leading innovators to demonstrate the value of leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology and IoT in the construction industry.

The project sees EHAB as lead partner. BAM Nuttall and Ferrovial Construction offer critical industry insights and pilots for demonstrating the impact of the project, Clyde & Co. provide specialist input to build EHAB’s legally-compliant ‘smart contracts’, Connected Places Catapult are driving standardisation, impact assessment and uptake across the sector, and Digital Catapult provide technical review and advice on IoT and blockchain technology.

This webinar is a joint event that will see partners present findings from the Weather Ledger solution and its platform, covering lessons learnt so far, smart legal contracts, standardisation and wider industry impacts.