Joining up the dots and getting hyperconnected

Many individual smart cities projects have been undertaken across the UK but they often face complex challenges when testing at large scale. Integrating with other services in the same place can also be difficult.

So the following resources may be helpful for businesses large and small, as well as local leaders looking to unleash innovation. This was all part of our Hyperconnected project, endorsed by Innovate UK which explored and proposed governance, financial and policy instruments to help deliver smart city programmes at scale.

Our White Paper Smart City Demonstrators – A Global Review of Challenges and Lessons Learned outlines best practices and lessons learned captured from existing demonstrator projects to help guide and inform the next generation of city-based projects.

Smart City Demonstrators
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Our Governance & Regulation report available for download seeks to address some of the policy and regulatory challenges and opportunities that need to be considered when the public sector, regulators and commercial organisations work together to innovate.

Regulation and Governance UK
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And lastly, a comprehensive Playbook has been produced for asset owners, service providers, businesses, entrepreneurs and local authorities who wish to engage in deploying integrated city systems at scale.

Playbook for at scale deployments of advanced urban services and 5G use cases
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